I designed Music Ala Carte, video online guitar lessons, to simulate the experience of being in a private studio for guitar lessons. I crafted the "Guitar Lessons" videos exactly as I teach in my private studio; in fact, I use the web site videos at my studio. I find the web site Guitar Lessons an excellent course and the perfect practice tool at home. The videos help the student practice properly and allow the parent the opportunity to share in the experience of learning to play the guitar.

In the "Learn Songs" section I crafted the lessons to be learned by players from beginner to intermediate and beyond. I tried to target the player who wants to play along for their own enjoyment or relax with friends and share some new songs with each other. I use most of these songs in my own performances so I recommend these song videos for those at the performance levels also.

Once you Log In to Music Ala Carte you can use the "USER MENU" which has many functions. I want to point out the "Ask a Teacher" button, when you click here you are able to send me an email with any and all questions or comments you may have. I will answer as quickly as possible creating an ongoing dialog between student and teacher. I feel this is critical when teaching an instrument.

I hope you will take a look around, give the Free Lessons a try and see if video online guitar lessons are right for you.

Thank you,
Bob Swinton

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