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If you have been contemplating taking guitar lessons but have the usual interference; finding a teacher who has a time slot that fits your schedule, not sure how to go about practicing, wondering what to do if you have to miss lessons, trying to teach yourself with YouTube videos only to find them too fast to follow. Someone mentioned virtual education to you but you are not sure where to look for it. Well here is your chance to test out Virtual Guitar Lessons at . Here you can take your lessons at the time that is best for you, your lessons will be individually designed and sent to you. Your lesson videos will have all the information you need to accomplish the assignments with the advantage of looping and slow-mo to help you practice. Your teacher will keep personal track of your progress with our practice manager and the message feature along with video chat by appointment.

You can test out your Virtual Guitar Lessons at no cost for 1 month just to see how they work for you. Just contact us at for a consultation and we will set you up to get started with your new guitar lessons.

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Bob Swinton

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