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The Guitar Lessons on Music Ala Carte are set up with all beginners in mind.

The opening lesson is titled "Introduction". In this lesson ther are 3 videos and 5 pages of printable information telling the student about the rudiments of music; the musical staff,  lines, spaces, notes, timing, parts of the guitar and several more points of interest the beginning student should be familiar with. All of this information will be learned as you go along and begin to use it but it is a very good idea to introduce yourself to the material in the beginning.

Lesson 1 Notes on the 1st String

This 1st lesson is set up with a downloadable lesson plan explaining the notes on the 1st string along with 3 downloadable exercises for you to print out and follow along with. In all of the following lessons there will be a lesson plan and 2, 3 or 4 exercises for you to work on. Each of these exercises  have 2 to 3 different speeds or tempo's to work with. The object here is to give the student a chance to work with each exercise at their own pace, also to give them a chance to work with different tempo's therefore beginning to work on their rhythm skills right away.

The object of the Guitar Lessons course is for the student to practice the exercises until they can play each of them at the different tempo's easily with the video's. At that pount they are ready to move onto the next exercise or lesson. By doing this they will have accomplished what they need to learn at this point and are ready for new challenges.

All the Guitar Lessons are set up in a similar fashion with some small differences accoring to the material covered in that lesson.

If the student has any questions along the way they can use the Ask a Teacher(ask_teacher) function in the User Menu ( user_menu) and I will get an answer back to them as soon as possible.

In the Free Lessons at Music Ala Carte,, you will find the Introduction, Lesson One and Lesson Two. I hope you will stop by and take a look for yourself to check out how the  Guitar Lessons work and to see if Video Online Guitar Lessons are for you.

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