Guitar Instruction StudentLearning the guitar is a rewarding experience -- one that opens up a whole new world of fun and entertainment for you and those you love. Whether you're interested in lessons for your child or yourself, you'll find that the personalized instruction offered by Robert Swinton will provide hours of enjoyment. Choose from four lesson formats to fit your needs:

Virtual Guitar Lessons gives you the experience of music lessons and one-on-one training in our virtual classroom. You will have your own instructor and you can take your lessons at any time that works best for you. You can communicate with your instructor easily using our messaging system or have a video conference, available by appointment. You will recieve step by step instruction to help you learn to play the guitar with custom lessons sent directly to you. You receive text and email practice reminders as well as notifications of new lessons and any messages from your teacher. There are looping and slow-mo features on the video lessons plus multimedia learning tools. Tuition cost for Virtual Guitar Lessons is $105 charged monthly, can be half the cost of private lessons plus one private or video lesson per month.

Introduction to Guitar
An eight-week lesson package designed to provide beginning students with a comprehensive introduction to the instrument. Includes a ½-hour lesson once a week for eight weeks, at a total tuition cost of $210/student. Options for more than one student per session are available. Lessons provided for either classical or acoustic guitar. Scheduled by appointment. Appropriate for ages 7 years and up.

Private Guitar Instruction
Offered for beginners through intermediate students. Students learn proper playing techniques and how to read music and chord charts, while gaining a working knowledge of the guitar. Weekly ½-hour lessons are scheduled by appointment, at a tuition cost of $130.00 for four lessons. Available for both classical and acoustic guitars. Appropriate for ages 7 years and up. 1 hour private lesson are available for a tuition cost of $200 for four lessons.

Guitar Instruction StudentsPersonal Guitar Tutoring
This comprehensive one-on-one learning experience includes one ½-hour lesson plus four ½-hour rehearsal sessions each week for $125/week. Students from beginners through intermediate will learn, practice and master proper playing techniques under the direct supervision of Robert Swinton. Available for both classical and acoustic guitars. Appropriate for ages 7 years and up.

All lessons are held at:
Bach's Children Music School
944 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, FL 34994

To schedule lessons, visit the Contact Me section of this site.

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