Easy guitar video lessons

Easy to follow videos

Each lesson is set up in four to five short, easy to follow videos, 2 to 4 minutes long. Each video explains what you need to accomplish, step by step, before moving on to the next video in the lesson. Once you have finished this series of videos you are ready to move on to the next lesson or if you are learning a song you will be ready to play along with the mp3.

Printable guitar lessons

Great printable resources

With each lesson or song there are printable pdf files providing you with information you need to accomplish your lesson. Just download and print out the file and if you misplace your information you can always print it out again. This information is designed to help you understand and work with your lesson more comfortably. Remembering to print out you lesson plans or chord and lyric sheets first is the best way to start any lesson.

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MP3 play along

Play along with mp3's

Included with each of our song lessons is an mp3 file. This is designed for you to play along with a full version of the song you have just learned. In our Lessons Resources there is a Songs Library of all the songs we offer. Here you can choose any mp3 song you would like to play along with or listen to several songs to help you decide which song you would like to learn. The Songs Library will added to every month so there will always be some thing new to listen to and work with.

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