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Level One

Level One students will learn to read music, play single note songs and get started on playing chords.

Level Two

Level Two students will continue with music training, learn more chords, including power chords and begin to work on different playing styles.

I have been doing some research to enhance your training in Level Two. I think you will find these new ideas very exciting.

You will see Level Two coming up at the start of 2009, I hope to see you there.

Level Three

Level Three players will be able to work on music, songs and techniques that they are most interested in.

This Level will be exciting and very rewarding to thoses of you that have worked so hard to get here.



  • Choose a video you want to see, if you have any trouble with the video you have chosen you can Go Back to the previous videos and practice what you need.
  • Always remember to download and print out resource sheets that come with the lesson (i.e. Tablature sheets, music notation, etc.)
  • Be sure to make use of the practice tab in the table of contents on the left hand side of the video. Go over what you have learned before you go on to the next video.
  • Remember when you’ve accomplished your lesson and want to go on, close the video and choose the next lesson you’d like to see.
  • For the song lessons, once you have learned your song, be sure to go to the mp3 button to play along with the full version.
  • Select the video lesson you want. Use the Go Back feature if you experience difficulty in any part of the lesson. The Go Back feature allows you to practice until you master each lesson.
  • Download and print your lesson plan along with the exercises.
  • Make use of the practice tab in the table of contents on the left side of the video.
  • When you’ve mastered the lesson and want to go on, close the video and select the next lesson.



If you are having trouble with any part of the lesson or have any questions about the lesson please contact us at gtrteacher@robertswinton.com and we will be back to you within a week.

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