With all the guitar lessons on Music Ala Carte there are 2 -5 exercises to practice with so you can become fully familiar with the information in that lesson. Each exercise has 2 or 3 tempo's to work with and there are many reasons for this; the 1st being the ability to work at your own pace and for the beginners they have the chance to work at a tempo they can accomplish. As the student works through the faster tempo's they become more comfortable with the information of that lesson. At the same time they develop their rhythmic skills and control of tempo on their own. When they can accomplish the exercises at all the different tempo's they are ready to move on the the next exercise or lesson. Included in the Guitar Lessons there are practice songs that also have slower tempo's to practice with so there can be a smooth transition to the final version of that song. In the Learn Songs section the same procedure is used; once you have learned the chords and strum pattern for the song there is a video for a practice session of the song so you can use what you have learned and be comfortable with the song before you move onto the Up-Tempo version. After this and when you feel confident with your playing there is an mp3 for you to play along with me on the whole song. As always if you feel you need more work on any part of the song you can Go Back to any of the videos in the lesson and work on that section. All the Guitar Lessons and the Learn Songs are designed to help you progress in your guitar playing and help you have fun with the guitar.

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