In the chord catalog you will find a video of all the chords presented in our song lessons. Each video will show how the chord is formed and how to place your fingers on the guitar fret board. It will also point out the bass note to be used and which strings are not played for that chord. New chords and chord formations will be added all the time so you can constantly expand your knowledge of guitar chords.

A Grand Barre 5th Fret

A Major Chord

A minor 7 Chord

A minor Chord

A7 Chord 1st position

B Major Chord

B minor Chord

B7 Chord

C 7 Chord

C Chord

C add 9 Chord

C with B bass Chord

Cmaj7 Chord

Csharp minor Chord 4th Fret

D 7 Chord

D Double Barre 5th Fret

D Major Chord

D minor Chord

D sharp minor 6th fret

E 7 Chord

E barre 7th fret

E Major Chord

E minor Chord

F Major Chord

F# dim Chord

F sharp maj 2nd position

F# minor Chord

G 7 Chord

G Grand Barre 3rd Fret

G Major Chord

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