In the Song Library you will find a full version MP3 file of all the songs offered. Feel free to listen to or play along with any of the songs. If you hear a song you would like to learn, go to our Song Lessons and work with the videos. New songs will be added every month so you can continue to expand your repertoire. We hope you will visit our Song Library often.

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Keeping your guitar in tune is very important, so we have provided you with an online guitar tuner that you can use any time. If you are not familiar with, or don't know how to tune your guitar, this video will demonstrate the different aspects of tuning. In this video you will learn how to work with your own tuner, the tuner on the site, and how to tune a guitar to itself.

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Guitar Tuner

In this video you will learn how to read guitar chord boxes. The dots on the chord box show you where your fingers should be, and the numbers indicate which fingers should be placed on which string.

The 0 tells you the string is played open, no fingers on the fret board, and the X lets you know that string is not played.

Download the Guitar Chord Box PDF

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Learning Guitar Tab

Guitar tablature (tab for short) is a system that graphically represents strings and frets of the guitar fret board. Frets are the pieces of wire across the front of the neck of the guitar. Each note is indicated by placing a number, which indicates the fret to play, on the appropriate string. When asked to put your finger on a particular fret it is placed just behind the fret, as close as you can without being on top of the fret.

With these easy instructions you will learn to how to read and write guitar tab in no time.

Download the Tablature Introduction PDF Download the Tablature Symbols PDF

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In the chord catalog there is a video of all the chords presented in our Song Lessons. Each video will show how the chord is formed and how to place your fingers on the guitar fret board. It will also point out the bass note to be used and which strings are not played for that chord. New chords and chord formations will be added periodically so you can constantly expand your knowledge of guitar chords.

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